The Power of Deadlines

So why am I, an otherwise respectable sixty-something male, engaged in an activity as disreputable as blogging?

One reason is the power of deadlines.

I’ll explain. Dawn and I are constantly urging people to write their life stories—to leave a tangible record of their life’s experiences. The main excuse we hear for not writing is: “I can’t find the time.” (This is my own favorite, by the way.) I suspect the real reason is the absence of a deadline. We all find time to do the things that have to be done. I spent my entire legal career working against deadlines. If there’s a closing date, I’ll get it done.

I’ve resolved to create an every-week deadline to post something here, rain or shine. I’m hoping this won’t end up on the same trash heap as my resolution to lose ten pounds. The fact that I’ve committed publicly, however, may be the spark I need.

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