Saturday Night at the Dance Recital

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post called “Saturday at the Little League Ballpark.” It focused on my grandsons, Quade and Noah, and their baseball games. Today I get a chance to write about my granddaughter, Brooke, and her dance recital.

Brooke is seven years old. To say she is FABULOUS would be an understatement. It would also be the name of one of the dances her group performed. To say she is a budding SUPERSTAR would be true, and it would also be the name of one of the dances her group performed. To say she is a DANCING LEOPARD might not be literally true, but it is one of the dances her group performed.

Perhaps pictures say it better than words.

Brooke’s group first danced to a song called “Dancing Leopard.”
Their costumes went along with the theme.

Next the group danced to “Jingle Bell Rock.” As you can see, my camera tended to find Brooke.

Here’s more of the group (Brooke on the left).

The next dance was called “Superstar.” As you can see, the girls had lots of great costumes.

Below: The group. (Brooke is on the right.)

Below: Brothers apparently get to watch the dance from the floor in front of the huge crowd.
Here are Noah (top), Quade (middle) and Quade’s friend Casey (bottom – the brother of Brooke’s friend Noel).
They seem to be enjoying the show from their comfortable “seats.”

The last dance was called “Fabulous” and it was!

Below: The group (Brooke is on the right.)

Brooke’s dancing instructor is Kacie Christiansen.

Here are all of her dancers on the stage at the end.

After the dance we took some more pictures. Below is Brooke with Nana.

Below: Brooke with her mother, Amy. (We forgot to get one with her dad, Matt.)

And even Brooke with Papa.

After the show we all went out to dinner — including Amy’s parents, Bob and Sue Olson. Then there was one last picture of Quade, Brooke and Noah before we said “goodbye.”

It had been a great night!

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