Our Christmas (2010)

We had a great Christmas this year — all of our family were with us and what more could we wish for? (Well, maybe world peace and a cure for cancer, but I’m talking realistic wishes here.) Here is a photojournalistic glimpse of our Christmas season.

Matt’s birthday is three days before Christmas and a group of us went to dinner and a movie. We saw “True Grit” – I give it a thumbs up, “B” grade. We also were able to have our grandchildren with us for part of the day while Matt and Amy were out on their own. We acquired a third Razor scooter to go with the two we already had, so now they all could ride simultaneously.

And ride they did! Here’s Quade …

… Brooke …

… and Noah:

A lot of our friends have more grandchildren, but we like to think that what we lack in quantity, we make up for in quality.

Dawn did her usual spectacular job of decorating the house. Someday I should do a photo essay just on the decorations. A couple of pictures will suffice our purpose today.

We have Christmas creches all over the house. Here is one of my favorites, hand knitted by one of Dawn’s students who was born in Estonia.

There are also carolers in several locations. Here is one of my favorite groups:

Our long-distance traveler was Tyson, who flew in from Chicago to spend a few days with us. We always enjoy having him around; if he had a TV series it would be called “Everybody Loves Tyson.” He is fun to be with and is kind and caring about the feelings of others.

This year Tyson’s friend, Leslie Deckard, was able to be with us for a few days. She is a lovely young woman and we greatly enjoyed her company. Here she is with the new scarf she got on Christmas morning.

Our tradition is to have our “Christmas dinner” on Christmas Eve. As usual, Dawn fixed a feast fit for royalty — this time featuring roast pork with a choice of four toppings, mashed potatoes and gravy, a delicious brussels sprouts dish (with shallots, pecans, etc.), homemade rolls and jam, and many other things.

Here is the chef laboring in her kitchen. She will protest that she “looks tired,” but I think she looks fine and besides, what better excuse to look tired?

We also enjoyed having Dawn’s mother, Jessie, and also her cousin and niece, Sherrie and Lindsey Spray, for Christmas Eve. Here are Dawn, Lindsey and Sherrie.

On Christmas morning the tradition is for the children to come down the back stairs together, youngest first. It is always fun to capture their expressions as they look to see what Santa has brought.

They were not disappointed. Here are Noah and Quade trying to master the intracacies of their new remote-control helicopter.

The helicopter managed to find its way into just about any air space available — and had more than its share of crashes.

Brooke wanted a dog — the one she got wasn’t a living and breathing dog, but it sure sounded and walked like one.

You’d never guess what basketball team our family roots for:

I put together a presentation on my new computer (an iMac) reviewing the past year in pictures for the kids. It is always frustrating to try to learn a new program by yourself, but eventually it came together. It was created with iMovie and consists mainly of a “Ken Burns” type slideshow, with some graphics and video interspersed, and a soundtrack overlay. The kids seemed to enjoy being the stars of their own movie. Here they are standing in front of the main menu of their DVD.

Ashley was part of the celebration too. Here she is with a Wii Glee game.

Brooke and Noah have a close bond.

Melanie and David seem to be enjoying themselves; Dave is keeping warm under the basketball blanket Dawn made for him.

I wish my focus had been a little better for this picture because I like it.

Dawn was back in the kitchen preparing a meal of scrambled egg casserole and Norwegian waffles, wearing a new Christmas tee shirt.

Noah is such a photogenic kid – the camera seems drawn to him.

Of course, the same could be said of Brooke …

… and Quade:

Melanie and Dave’s beautiful dog, Mr. Darcy, has gotten larger. Emma seems to have adapted to him and they shared the same room without problems this time.

We had time for a few more photos. Here are Matt and Amy:

The boys – Matt, Tyson and David:

In the afternoon Ty, Leslie, Ash, Dawn and I went over to Jessie’s house and shared present-opening with her. Afterwards we all went to the movie, “The Little Fockers.” It was no masterpiece, but the actors gave good performances and there were enough funny scenes to keep us entertained.

Dawn and I both had to teach lessons the day after Christmas, so there was no resting. We were up early Sunday morning putting on the finishing touches.

That’s about all for now. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


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5 thoughts on “Our Christmas (2010)

  1. Thanks for the beautiful Christmas report, Morrie. I loved the whole rendition–with decorations, menus, activities and all. Dawn’s tee shirt is great, but I personally prefer “Whatever happens at Grandma’s stays at Grandma’s” meaning that grandparents don’t have to maintain strict parent rules when the grandkids are visiting.

    We had a lovely time too. We missed Sarah as she is having an adventure in Europe for the holidays, but had fun with the rest of the family. We, too, watched True Grit–I hadn’t seen the original movie so didn’t have to compare with the classic Duke version.

    Best wishes to you and Dawn for a happy New Year. Penny

  2. Morrie and Dawn: Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us. We loved seeing your family. No wonder you are so proud of your children and grandchildren. Morrie and Dawn, your talents never cease to amaze us. You are a wonderful photographer Morrie. Dawn, I am in awe of your culinary skills as well as your decorating. You make things look so easy!.
    Hope you both and your family have a great new year.
    Love, Vern & Nancy

  3. As usual, you do a bang up job. I hope all continues to be well with you and the whole gang is as healthy as they look in these photos.

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