Blogs of My Extended Family

Here is a list of links to the blogs of my extended family (in no particular order).  It is always fun to surf around and discover the latest scoop.

I love the imagination that has gone into some of the names. My sister’s “Adventures in Wandaland” is particularly clever. Sarah Hill’s “Raising Redheads” wins for aptness (you just have to see her kids to know why).

Sometimes it’s the subheading that brings the smile. Laura Ostler’s “That Redheaded Chick” is even funnier with “You know the one” following it. And I love Lisa Badal’s subtag: “It comes into my head, I type it into the computer. Simple as that.”

Lots of fun stories and photos in all of them (with the possible exception being Matthew Reeder’s—which Amy Hadley accurately describes as “my bro’s nerd blog”). Check them out.

Dawn Parrett Thurston (my wife)                Memoir Mentor

Mary Kaye Gardner (my sister)                  Life in the Slow Lane Detoured

Afton Gardner Clouse (my niece)               3 Little Men

Wanda Thurston Ostler (my sister)            Adventures in Wandaland

Sarah Ostler Hill (my niece)                       Raising Redheads

Allison Ostler Whitley (my niece)                Mabes and …

Jeffrey Ostler (my nephew)                         Jeff’s Euro Trip

Laura Ostler (my niece)                              That Redheaded Chick

Rebecca Ostler (my niece)                         Hoven’s Symphony

Amy Reeder Hadley (my niece)                  Tentopet’s Journal

Lisa Reeder Badal (my niece)                     Lisa’s Random Spouts

Matthew Reeder (my nephew)                    Kawigi’s Programming Blog

Sariah Ong Reeder (my niece-in-law)          Simply Sariah

Janet Ashcroft Summit (my cousin)            Peace Through Principles

LeeAnn Ashcroft Smith (my cousin)            Time For Joy

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